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Cry Baby Studer.............

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1Cry Baby Studer............. Empty Cry Baby Studer............. 7/17/2012, 10:15 pm



C/ped Ricks Blog
Quint Studer, co-owner(I guess Riskey is the other Co?) of the Pensacola Blue Wahoos and founder of the Studer Group, stopped by the office this morning. We talked about the Memorandum of Understanding with the CMPA and City of Pensacola concerning his proposed office building at the Maritime Park, which will part of a future IN story. Near the end of the interview, Studer talked about the mean spirit that seems to permeate the City of Pensacola and its politics.

“We just can’t disagree on an issue in Pensacola,” said Studer. “We have to attack the other side, calling them “crooks,” “killers” or worse–going after the very character of those with whom they disagree.”

Studer said that what’s worse is that Pensacola has gotten so accustomed to the meanness that people excuse it. “Some will say, ‘Oh, this is just how they are.’ They want to rationalize the inappropriate behavior,” he said. “What we permit, we promote.”

While some may claim that the negativity is just as bad in other cities, Studer disagrees, “No, it’s not. I don’t see it when I travel around the country. People have learned in other places to work towards consensus without the attacks.”

He told me that he didn’t understand the need to be so vicious on issues. “It’s as if this town can’t accept good things,” said Studer as he walked out for his next meeting. “We’ve had some easy layups for Pensacola, but Pensacola can’t handle lay-ups.”

Poor Mr Studer..... I am sorry......But I really get tired of every son of a botch that comes to Pensacola preaching to me how messed up I am. Damn it. News Flash I think Mr quint maybe running low on funds. He seems to be the only one playing the game, Maybe the GOBs have played "rope a Dope" using Mr Studers ego rip him off. We shall see

2Cry Baby Studer............. Empty Re: Cry Baby Studer............. 7/17/2012, 11:26 pm



Give it time and it will collapse. He's having a hard time leasing out that other retail area at the stadium. Lol it took a long time just to get the yogurt folks to lease one of the only two retail spots. Everyday that stadium sits empty, he loses money.

Isn't it odd he would snub talking with the PNJ instead? Rick is a small time fish with limited viewership. Maybe Rick had better donuts on hand that day. Maybe them free donuts are the reason Studer dropped by. He likes "free" stuff u know.

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