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Sen.Ball, at least he has a pair!

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Sen.Ball, at least he has a pair!  Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT-NJfO_wRW99P_YvzOQjTa5Cb3YgL_svre7Nu3CmFyFLGiFJ-8mw

We need more like him.





Greg Ball has a long history of questionable behavior. Back in 2003 hisex-girlfriend, CNN producer Linda Fern Roth, requested a restraining order against Ball.She claimed at the time that Ball had “threatened to destroy her career andreputation.” A temporary order was issued but then the matter was dropped.In 2007, Ball was involved in a charity fundraiser which, according to theWashington Post, raised more money for a PAC Ball controlled than it did for charity:

The bouncing Ball is now doing his greatest service to the people of NY State, he retired from politics and moved to Texas. Good for him.

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