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Thank you fake, fraud SCOTUS-5 and GOP! Very Happy

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I'm not a big truster in polls and we'll have to see how it plays out, but taking basic rights away from half the population and threatening to do a lot more, all to ram "Jesus" down everyone's throat, definitely isn't popular. I've seen a few Republicans down here starting to balk now that they've gotten a good look at what they're actually part of. One right-wing co-worker who's always wanted abortion banned is now freaking out, "I didn't know they'd be making 10 year old rape victims bear kids, I didn't know they'd let women die from this... everyone's gonna HATE us!"

Well no shit, hon. That's what happens when you push people around.

Right-wing evangelicals... ya just can't ever make 'em happy. They get what they think they want and then they're going to be scared of having it. Somebody just cranked that fear-switch in their heads to eleven and ripped the knob off. And "God" brings 'em anything but peace.

And they're still in deep denial about the January 6th thing, too, but the few that have let themselves actually watch any of it, so they'll get a look at the facts they're so terrified of, are balking just a bit. They'll probably stay in their cult because it's hard for dumb people to ever admit they're dumb, but... there's attrition.

I still expect they'll retake the house by a fair margin, and maybe the senate as well, but... there are dents, for sure. I dunno if we can pull this thing out or just mitigate it, but Republicans are definitely making themselves persona non grata among the sane part of the country, and they're turning a lot of the moderate people who just want to be left the fuck alone into Dems, because they can see, clearly, that Republicans have no intention of leaving anyone the fuck alone. They aren't going to be happy until they're marching everyone into church at gunpoint and forcing everyone to tithe thirty percent of everything they own to the invisible sky-ghost. I know Lauren Boebert's getting her nitwit televangelist-feedin' base all excited with her destroy-the-separation-of-church-and-state rants, but it's alarming anybody who doesn't want to be a slave to some fuckin' preacher.

That stuff's going to have an effect. People are seriously getting sick of it. And Republicans are overreaching like crazy and getting obnoxious, wearing out their welcome, forcing themselves on people. That's going to create a backlash, and -- like all bullies -- they're gonna cry when they get faced with it.

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The "conservative" party of "family values" has just taken basic reproductive rights...and therefore human rights, from all women of childbearing age...roughly 58 million people. And, they'd like to (using their favorite word of late) CANCEL gays, CANCEL books, CANCEL voting rights...while their cult leader continues to be investigated for his multiple crimes. The only right the GQP would like you to have (if you're one of them) is the ability to mow down dozens of people with the status symbol of the right...the automatic weapon that killed the children in Uvalde...NO RESTRICTIONS on that "right". It's sickening.

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