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Dems getting exhausted stomping out the scandal fires! Dems returned $20G check to father of White House aide linked to prostitution scandal

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Democrats are getting exhausted stomping out all the fires surrounding all this administrations stonewalling and corruption.

Remember the White House assuring us...that there was no link, whatsoever between the White House and the Secret Service Scandal with the prostitutes.

Dems returned $20G check to father of White House aide linked to prostitution scandal
By  Kelley Beaucar Vlahos
·Published October 10, 2014

The father of a White House advance team member connected to the Secret Service prostitution scandal was refunded a hefty Obama campaign donation, records show, around the same time additional details about that possible link were made public.

The $20,000 donation was made by Leslie Dach -- whose son Jonathan has been linked to the scandal -- on Sept. 19, 2012, to the Obama Victory Fund.

One day later, Leslie Dach had a meeting at the White House with a top presidential economic adviser, according to White House visitor logs. One day after that, the lead federal investigator into the Colombia prostitution scandal said for the first time that White House personnel may have been involved in the incident.



They don't really care. As long as they retain power the ends justify the means.

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