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Georgia Republicans Ban Giving Water To Voters In Line

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The Georgia legislation is one of more than 250 bills Republicans have filed proposing new voting limits across the country since Trump's election loss in November

ATLANTA — Georgia on Thursday enacted broad voting restrictions championed by Republicans that activists said aimed to curtail the influence of Black voters who were instrumental in state elections that helped Democrats win the White House and narrow control of the U.S. Senate.

As soon as Republican Governor Brian Kemp signed the law, voting rights activists vowed to challenge it. The provisions add a new ID requirement for absentee ballots and limit ballot drop boxes.

Opponents of the measure decried it as among the country’s most damaging attempts to limit access to the ballot box, and said it was designed to reduce the influence of Black voters.

Kemp said he expected outrage from the political left and that he offered no apology for “taking another step to making our elections fair and secure.”

He alluded to the 2020 presidential race, which prompted widespread but unsubstantiated claims of election fraud from Republicans after former President Donald Trump lost to President Joe Biden, a Democrat.

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