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Andrew Napolitano of Fox condemns Trump

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I read today that Trump was getting annoyed with Fox News over their polling that showed Biden ahead of him by 10 points. I expect that this opinion piece by one of his old friends might just be getting under his skin.

I think I read somewhere that he's been telling people to go to OANN network instead of Fox. What's he going to do next year for propaganda if he goes so far that even Fox abandons him?


Thanks for the article. Just don't peruse the readers' comments at the bottom; they'll make you sick.


If Fox News dumps Trump there is still WWE network as an option for bone spur. Just like when Bob predicted early on in Trump's Presidential bid that politics was a lot like pro rasslin'. If Trump really starts to drop in the approval ratings he can dump useless Pence. Then if Nikki Haley doesn't want the job he can turn heel like Vince McMahon does in the WWE. Trump's base will love him even more. Who knows they might even sanction kids in cage matches on pay per view. He can pluck his small business czar Linda McMahon and make her his VP. She has the experience of already being President, of the WWE. Maybe even pro rassler'/ movie star Dwayne The Rock Johnson will toss his hat in the ring for 2024.

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