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Get yer thoughts and prayers ready, here we go again:

Deus X
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EmeraldGhost wrote:
Telstar wrote:
EmeraldGhost wrote:

How many have to die for it to be tragic?

Think about asking the dead students that face to face sometime soon Lurch boy. Maybe the next time you do a bowl and jack of with Gary's Johnson.

And what's your proposed solution, 'Telliie'?  (other than throwing sh*t at people on the internet)

What do you think Hillary and Bernie would have done about the availability of firearms to the populace in this country?  Specifically, I mean.  And how might they have gone about actually accomplishing that?

Anti-gunners like to wail and rend their garments whilst yelling at the pro-gun crowd in this county about gun violence ... yet offer no viable solutions to that; and all the while dismissing other forms and sources of violent crime in this country.  Excusng and dismissing it even.

Don't know but I doubt Hillary and Bernie would perform public blowjobs on the NRA the way tRump and pence did. Figures cockholster tRump would talk tough about the NRA and publicly worship them right after. Maybe tRump can ask his girlfriend Vlad Putin how gun control works. Maybe he can ask Vlad in between bobbing for apples up Vlad's asshole. Twisted Evil



Gun violence in known locations (inner cities) by people already prohibited from possessing guns skew stats. There are also signs/signals continually missed by authorities in a significant number the mass shootings.

Fix that... then we'll talk.

Deus X

Deus X

EmeraldGhost wrote:They also don't have a 2nd Amendment quite like ours to contend with.

This is such a mindbogglingly stupid comment, I can't believe even YOU said it!

The Second Amendment, along with the rest of the Bill of Rights, was ratified in 1789. How many Federal  laws regulating guns do think have been passed since then? DUH!

Gun legislation has changed enormously over the years. The Second Amendment is not an excuse for America's gun violence. Easy access to guns here is certainly a big part of the problem--that and pathetic G.I. Joe-wannabes' adolescent fascination with firearms.

Gun nuts are excellent examples of arrested emotional development.



Dallas police: Woman shoots man trying to take SUV with kids
Posted: Jul 05, 2018 10:16 AM CDT
Updated: Jul 05, 2018 10:16 AM CDT
written by Associated Press
Dallas police say a woman shot a man in the head who was trying to steal her sport utility vehicle with her two children inside.

Police say the suspect got into the women's vehicle late Wednesday night in a gas station parking lot.

Police say the woman jumped in the vehicle and told the suspect to stop. When he did not, the woman pulled a gun from her glove box and shot the man once in the head. The vehicle then crashed into a telephone pole.

Police say the suspect was taken to a hospital.



Annapolis shooting suspect sent letter to a Virginian-Pilot editor, police say

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot editor who was harassed for years by the man charged in the killings of five journalists in Maryland received a letter Thursday that police believe was sent by the suspect.

Eric Hartley, who once worked for The Capital in Annapolis, found the pink, card-sized envelope in his newsroom mailbox on Thursday. The return address on the envelope was simply “anonymous source.” It was addressed to Hartley at The Virginian-Pilot, and postmarked June 28, the day of the shootings.

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