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Wall south and the People from Tennessee

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Monday I had some friends from Tennessee come visit. They have a nice vacation Condo in Orange beach. They asked me to show them around. So we had breakfast at Oscars, they really liked it, such a change from the Franchised places Then we went down to Wall South. I was very very proud of Wall South. Except for a homeless guy laying on bench it was super. The landscaping was perfect, everything was well maintained. It really made everyone feel that it was a special place. . My friend is a Vietnam vet and was stationed up on the DMZ in 1969. To my surprise the Computer locater was working. It was bittersweet as we looked up the names of people on the wall that we had known. Including wives and children there was 12 of us. Soooooo I knew this was going happen. One of the wifes says "Where is the rest room?" Damn if I know. We pull up and go to Joe Pattis to use the restroom.
As we passed Stooderville my friend said "Why in the world did you all build a baseball park on such beautiful water front?" Well, it is a long story.....

We went back and walked the pier and Palafox but not too much to do if you do not drink or need to eat. There was too long a line at the Olive Oyl place so we did not go in.

Part of my Civic duty is now complete. Spokesman for Downtown Pensacola, I give myself a A+



I cannot go to the Wall South without my eyes tearing up.

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