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Seasons...just a thought or two

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1Seasons...just a thought or two Empty Seasons...just a thought or two 4/23/2017, 7:02 am



I would pass this off as saying life has been busy but I've read the forum without signing on and then decide it's not worth it.  The petty conversations need to take a rest.  

This group of folks is varied and capable of meaningful conversations that do not go for the jugular over stupid things.  Go after the jugular for things that matter!  

Keeping up with Seaoat and appreciated all the updates on Z.  Sure hated to see him go.  

I listened to a great podcast recently that spoke of letting go of seasons that have passed.  Resolve and move on.  Not going to find the definite answer that solves even if you keep returning and returning to the past.  Live for today.  Some things just have to be released and not allowed to continue to shape your life.

Sorry, don't mean to be condescending or treating anyone like I'm better.  Certainly not.  But this place used to have the best knock down drag outs about issues...not personal potshots.  Well, yes, those were there still but the issues seem to have gone by the way side...even in General Discussion.  

Topics I see in the area that might find some discussion:

Pensacola Beach traffic - roundabouts the answer?  In today's PNJ (I'd say overbuilding is the issue) Really dumb suggestion about higher roads and pedestrian walking beneath.  Wise man builds on the sand??  Remember we can't have clay.  

City taking over Ballpark - only $400k in debt   Not bad, I'd say

Ferries to Ft. Pickens begin in 2018 - boats are here just waiting on the NPS to find an operator.  (Fed Biz Ops - go there if you want to send your company's proposal)

Studer taking on early childhood education with healthcare professionals - wants better environment in the County to deal with poor.

Food - we can always talk about food

Ok, I'm sure by the time this is read and discussed there will be more back biting.  Gee, just like a family reunion.  Razz

PS...  My grandbaby is coming to visit.  I'm a happy woman!

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