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To my fellow Progressives: We didn't lose the election, it was stolen from us.

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Please, somebody, tell me what happens if the FBI's investigation ends up charging Trump and he's impeached? Do his appointed agency heads remain in office, following Bannon's orders to destroy their agencies?

What if Pence is also caught in the Russian attack net?

How do we correct all the wrong that's been done to our country by the Pussy Grabber with the dead rat on his head, and his inner gang of deplorables?

The Putin cyber attack underlines the importance of improving our cyber security. As I've said here many times before, the next war isn't going to use rockets, bombers, or tanks or armies. If we can't protect our important records and systems, a real cyber attack will leave us without pumped water, electricity or public transportation, etc.

Maybe it's time to create another major agency, like the Department of Cyber Defense.

Don't worry about N. Korea, Iran, or Saudi Arabia (the latter entity financed and ordered 9-11), worry that the next time you turn on the faucet at your kitchen sink, nothing comes out.

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