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We need to quit talking about training our police and start training

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I just saw 10 officers on ABC news tonight pile on a black mentally ill man worried about what was going to happen to his dog. He stopped breathing after the 10 officers piled on to this mentally ill man. We need to turn barnies into Andy. That takes training. We cannot have folks killed like this. I am sick of the police state which we have become, and it is not that a young person who wants to serve his community starts off becoming a brute, it is in the absence of training that barnies have taken over American policing. We need patience, strength, and confidence. Not cowboys who go ballistic and lose their emotions. I have known too many Andy's in my career, and the barnies used to be laughed out of a department, but the barnies have been in control for about 15 years and it began with wrongful expansion by the Supreme court on fourth amendment protections.......we are finally getting that part right, but the training is awful.

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