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How do our handful of Trump supporters morally vote for Donald Trump?

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I get most hate Hillary Clinton. However, that is not my question. My question is how can you reconcile your values by voting for Donald Trump? After watching Ben Carson melt down and show me on Morning Joe that he is just one more hypocrite who is playing his religious beliefs for a paycheck, I wonder if in the end anybody who supports Trump has sold their soul to the devil, because I have yet heard anybody explain why they can vote for Trump. They can spend ten minutes telling you that Hillary is a liar, but not one Trump supporter has convinced me they approve of the man himself and what he stands for both in politics and life.

I believe that America is a moral nation. I think finally America has said enough, but what bothers me is why during the Republican primary was this horrible man allowed to get the nomination. Are the haters really willing to ignore this sociopath?



I think a large portion of his support came from the belief that he was ant-iestablishment...
but you know that and just ignore it to feed a conditioned alternative narrative. I just wish that the sentiment were used for a different candidate.





How do our handful of Trump supporters morally vote for Donald Trump? 9781620972267_p0_v1_s192x300

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