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Hillary Clinton: ‘My Dream Is a Hemispheric Common Market with Open Trade and Open Borders’[

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No surprise to anyone.  Hillary Clinton promising Open Trade and Open Borders.  But wait, that's not what she has said on TV or the campaign trail.

Leaked Hillary Clinton Speech to Foreign Bank: ‘My Dream Is a Hemispheric Common Market with Open Trade and Open Borders’

by JULIA HAHN 7 Oct 2016 Washington D.C.

In closed-door remarks delivered to a foreign bank, Hillary Clinton declared that her “dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders.”

This statement from one of Clinton’s private paid speeches was discovered in leaked emails of Clinton’s campaign chair, John Podesta, which were made public by WikiLeaks.

One email, which provided partial transcripts of some of Clinton’s speeches, reads in part:

*Hillary Clinton Said Her Dream Is A Hemispheric Common Market, With Open Trade And Open Markets. *

“My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, some time in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere.” [05162013 Remarks to Banco Itau.doc, p. 28]

In her remarks to Banco Itau, Clinton also denounced the idea of putting up barriers to global trade, a statement which will likely raise concerns with grassroots and working-class voters in her own party. “We have to resist protectionism, other kinds of barriers to market access and to trade,” Clinton said.

Even though it has gone virtually unreported by corporate media, Breitbart News has extensively documented the Clintons’ longstanding support for “open borders.” Interestingly, as the Los Angeles Times observed in 2007, the Clinton’s praise for globalization and open borders frequently comes when they are speaking before a wealthy foreign audiences and donors.

In July 2007, Bill Clinton praised the benefits of “open borders” and “easy immigration” while delivering the keynote address at the 16th Telugu Association of North America (TANA) conference in Washington D.C. to a crowd of thousands of Indian Americans. As the Los Angeles Times reported at the time, Clinton “drew applause at a conference of 14,000 Indian Americans in Washington as he extolled the benefits of ‘open borders, easy travel, easy immigration.’” It went on to report, “The same day, he headlined a fundraiser at the conference for his wife’s [failed 2008 presidential] campaign.”


Read more...much more:



Not surprising that my Progressive good friends here would rather feign and blow up locker room talk from a decade ago than discuss issues.

IMPOSSIBLE for the Clinton Cabal to claim any sort of moral high ground.

Here are serious issues and the Progressives run like the wind.

Showing their desperation, Progressives stay away from relevant issues and relish in discussing locker room talk.

But then, how CAN they? All about Lame Duck President Barack Hussein Obama is collapsing while the Clinton Cabal keeps any discussion about her failures in the far background.


Here are serious issues and the Progressives run like the wind.

I wrote my thesis on Latin American economic integration almost 40 years ago, and for all the dumb asz half wits who think a trade war and tariffs are good......go take a freshman economics course. Free trade is a win win situation. Cheating has to be dealt with, but America was launched on the interstate commerce clause where goods and services could move around this nation without tariffs and protectionism.

We need to further reduce our defense spending and develop closer trade relations and mutual defense agreements around the Monroe doctrine. Trade is good.....cheating is bad......knowing the difference used to be a sign of an educated person. Comparative advantage means that some countries will have advantages in certain products and not so much in others but with trade there is a win win situation.



The deals being "negotiationed" aren't even or fair to the United States... I don't believe it's an accident. She isn't expressing a new or racial idea with open borders either. It's very popular in leftist circles... and a particular favorite of George soros. He/they want to bring down the USA one way or another... and they will.


Why did the folks in Michigan let you in their state........did Michigan fail, and the end of Michigan?



Michigan is within the United States. That must be a shock to you... though it won't matter.

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