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Former King of Libya wants to be king again....has been in USA since Khadaffi took power

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HE says he is ready to DIE for his country? Well Slick, get on a plane and get to your country instead of sitting here talking about it. What are you waiting on?

He doesn't believe the fundamentalist Islamic people will continue in power because "it's not what the people in Libya want"? WTH? Dude hasn't lived in Lybya for four decades and he knows the wants and needs of Libyans?

This sounds like he is trolling for US military support to make him King again. If he is so popular, people would be calling for him to return to Libya like the Iranians did Ayatohlla Khomeini back in 1979. I haven't seen any of that on TV. God help us if BHO decides to help this man out, but I have a bad feeling on this one. I really do. It's almost as if this whole article and video were softening up American support to do that very thing.



if us dummies knew who was going to wind up in power in egypt and libya... etc... so did obama. that king wouldn't last ten minutes in libya.

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