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I just saw the police squad video

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1I just saw the police squad video Empty I just saw the police squad video 9/24/2016, 10:46 pm


It is not a complete picture of the scene. I saw the man back up out of the car with his hands at his sides. He was then shot. I need to understand from the officer who fired the shots as to why he felt the victim was an imminent threat with his arms at his side slowly walking backwards. I do not buy the narrative at this time. I am more suspicious as to the dribble of information and something is not siting right in my mind. His hands were clearly at his side. He never pointed anything at anybody when he was shot, but the officer who shot him did not have a working body cam on him. I did not see anything in his hand, but clearly seem to see an ankle holster. Need more information.

2seaoat about a joint and a gun in the car......yep.....did not see a gun in either hand(could be there but did not see it), and nothing ambiguous about where his hands his sides.

Where does a black man put his hands when getting out of a car in America?

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