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Inventor of the cell phone says this is the next big thing

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Inventor of the cell phone says this is the next big thing Zz-16010

He says the next big thing will be wireless charging of your devices.

Hospital Bob

Hospital Bob

This would make Nikola Tesla very happy since he wanted us to have wireless electricity a hundred years ago.

But there's only one concern I have. Even before this there is evidence that electric/electromagnetic radiation may present a health hazard. I can't help but think that sending a WHOLE HELL of a lot of more amperage through the air would be an exponentially worse health hazard. Or is there something I'm overlooking?



All I know is I want a phone just like his.....


As I was driving home Saturday, I picked up a public radio station out of Bloomington Illinois where they have storytelling. What a wonderful radio show for a trip, but one storyteller talked about getting a flat tire in the middle of rural Texas before cell phones. He called it BC.

I remember how incredible it was to have my bag phone which I could connect to the lighter socket and allowed me to talk to people in transit. It paid for itself in less than a week with better utilization of my time. Now with the smart phones, I no longer have a paper map in the car, I can talk to anybody simply by touching a button on my steering wheel, stop and use google to find out the best rated restaurant in a town.

I just had my brakes fail on 87 after a dump truck stopped suddenly as I was pulling a trailer and rented lawn mower. I had replaced the wheel bearing in February after hitting a pothole in Nashville, so I was not sure if it was the bearings or brakes. Pulled over a half hour later, and had dust on the wheel rim, heat on the rim, and grabbing as I drove. Google told me of the problem of sticking calphs, and that remanufactured are a huge savings, but that you need to replace your brake lines. From the side of the road I found Tires plus in Milton to be highly rated, told them my suspicions, got pricing after I had searched the web and told them what I had found......he told me to come in at 7 because they open at 7:30 and he would line up the parts, but they had 22 people waiting the day before, and I need to first in line......I was and by noon I had an incredibly fair priced brake job and was on my way home with new brakes installed with new lines all because I had a cell phone in the car which assisted me to do an analysis of a problem and solve the same as I sat on the side of the road........not like getting a flat in rural Texas BC.



I have great memories of driving across Texas w my dad. From Houston to Odessa. The lush green eastern lowlands... the hills heading into and then west out of Austin... the amazing transition onto the plains... the endless tumbleweed western dry lands. He used to let me drive at about 13 once we hit the deserted highways. I can't imagine living there before cars... but we survived bc... lol.


I went to college for awhile in Longview Texas then I was in the Army at Fort Hood.  We used to make the "Run for the Border" every now and then to Nuevo Laredo My grandson wound up with his mother in Houston for a while so we made the Houston run 3 or 4 times a year.  Spent many a hour driving in Texas.  Oh Yea and now my daughter lives in Austin.Very Happy .

Smart move replacing the flex brake lines.  Cheap insurance and  makes for a good brake system.  They very seldom fail but they do get brittle and after awhile the rubber can deteriorate and cause the hose to swell and contaminate the brake fluid with tiny rubber particles. .  Not a bad idea to have your brake fluid changed every few years.An they make high performance brake bluid  



That was a good story, Seaoat.

I love the technology in my computer, but I have a love-hate relationship with my cell phone. I have a iPhone4 and it is small and hard to read with my now poorer eyesight, and I don't really like the small keyboard. However, I find myself using it more. This morning, while shaving I pulled-up the APP for my favorite radio station and put on the live-feed, and was serenaded with some good music. I plan on doing this frequently now.

No way in hell would I want to return to the old-days before technology gave us so much. I love the internet and computers and the things we are allowed to do with them.

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