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Is there more severe storms, or just more cell phone cameras?

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It seems like the last five years has been a rapid growth of hail, thunderstorms, and tornado activity.......



More coverage....when were little any bad storm a tropical depression...we prepared for like a mini-hurricane.


I cannot believe the rain which came down this afternoon in Milton. I called the wife and she was experiencing a sprinkle in Navarre. I was getting electrical and plumbing supplies and waited a half hour before I could exit my car at the electrical supply store on Avalon. When I did get down to Navarre to the plumbing supply store, the damn rain finally hit down there and just soaked me getting in the car. I will do some more trenching with a different machine this weekend and have to build some stairs and hope this rain is done. I cannot believe the standing water everywhere here in Navarre. It literally is a swamp pretending to be a civilized place where subdivisions were built with folks doing some planning.....nope.....there is no drainage and no plan to fix the problems. It rains, and people walk through water to their vehicles, and the one lady I saw the other day probably spent the day sand bagging her property. It just seems to me that these tornadoes and thunderstorms are much more frequent. Flooding and extreme weather have become the norm.


" It literally is a swamp" Maybe that is why people did not build there? Just a thought..LOL


From the new Walmart on 98 in Navarre to 87 for one mile north the entire area has no drainage plan and it was subdivided and has probably close to a thousand housing units.....standing water everywhere and no retention and detention ponds, yet the planning folks in Milton will tell you what kind of trees you have to plant on your property......massive fail of government......

I bitched to no avail when the Navarre Wal Mart was built why they did not create a turn lane all the way to Panhandle. Nope, instead they ran it a 100 yards and then stopped. This creates a massive log jam on 98, while folks exiting wal mart could have stayed in that lane and turned on Panhandle and taken the back roads to 87 relieving 98 from an already impossible traffic load.....this mistake in planning did not happen 25 years happened five years ago......Massive fail in Milton, and clueless as the county floats away with poor drainage, poor roads, but one hell of a nice beach with high rises while the mainlanders are swimming to their cars.

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