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office 365

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1office 365 Empty office 365 4/19/2016, 4:41 pm


We lost two computers in one week, so I have finally gone over to the dark side....signed up for 99 bucks a year for office 365 which includes word access exel powerpoint note and publisher. I have not built any databases for over ten years so I am excited to see what I can do with the current access program. My new laptop, her new laptop, my office computer, and we can add two more devices and have a huge cloud storage in the deal. It seems too reasonable....has to be a hook.

2office 365 Empty Re: office 365 4/19/2016, 4:47 pm

boards of FL

boards of FL

It isn't nearly as robust as the desktop versions so if you are a power Excel user you may find it to be lacking. But otherwise, it's no joke.

I approve this message.

3office 365 Empty Re: office 365 4/24/2016, 7:29 pm


Had some fun with the new office 365. I searched the internet for an app form my old note 2 android phone. It is an app which uses the phones camera to scan the bar code on the back of most state driver's licenses. It allows about ten free scans a day with no fee, and minimal fee if you go beyond the ten. You put the driver's license down on a desk and scan the back of the DL. You get a beep and it imports all the information into the app, and you simply export it to an email which allows you to download the data directly into a excel spreadsheet, which I have connected to an Access database I have built which then auto fills all the DL information into my form, which the customer completes the balance of form fields at either an Ipad or computer keyboard. It takes literally about thirty seconds to capture the data and down load it to the form, where you simple swing the monitor over to your customer to finish the other fields i have corrected including a formula for billing the person for product purchased. Works seemlessly, and it used to be with the software and scanners you were often looking at 2k for what I built in about three hours this weekend. It will streamline new customer entry data, and it now allows us to toss our paper records, and we bought a wireless printer which gives a customer a receipt with all his data and charges. Incredible powerful tools. I remember in 2000 not being able to find one junior college student who could build tables and databases, on the back end and connect them to a web. Well I downloaded free Microsoft expression web editor 4, and since they abandoned frontpage, I was without an I am back to building web sites and cannot wait to build the back end, as I have a private server with SQL where I can collect this data online through what I am building now with 365.......this country is making huge changes in productivity, and for a sick old fart who never took a computer course in his life and is completely self taught to have these tools, when 15 years ago I could not get an American IT major to build databases and had to contract with India and China to finish components on our business plan....we are leaps and bounds ahead of 15 years ago. I cannot wait to start updating web sites and building a new one for the Florida project.

4office 365 Empty Re: office 365 4/24/2016, 9:18 pm


Duly impressed here, sea, and fascinated/curious about the "Florida project."

5office 365 Empty Re: office 365 4/24/2016, 9:56 pm


I thought about getting a grave marker, but I decided that this project will say much more about how I lived my life. The islands in Illinois are pretty much the same concept. My wife will explain when I am gone, and it is nothing complex or secret.....actually very straightforward, but my love of the natural world has driven me since I was a child searching for portals into the unique beauty of nature. Man can seldom improve, and all I have been doing the last twelve years since buying the islands in Illinois is working diligently to create portals to the beauty of nature. My wife and I have discussed creating a remainder interest in our ownership of the same and allow our grandchildren a life estate in the property and then after the last grandchild dies allow the property to revert to the state of Illinois to be enjoyed by the public. I doubt we will be able to do the same in Florida because the property is much smaller and will need improvements which take away from the natural setting, but are mandated by government. I hope my wife will be comfortable the remainder of her life, and I certainly do not believe in leaving silver spoons for children.....both my children have turned out great and understand the work ethic and being on the trapeze of life without the safety net of mom and dad.

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