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best and worse Christmas tree story

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My bathroom thread did not meet She's approval.

The best Christmas tree story was when my daughter was seven and my son was five. We would take a saw and cut down the Christmas tree. It had snowed about eight inches and all the ground was covered as were the trees. We took a sled and went about a half mile and found our tree, cut it and brought it back to the car, and tied it down. When we got it inside and set it up in its Christmas tree stand, one of the kids found a perfectly formed bird nest in the tree......we put some ornaments in the nest, and the kids to this day still talk about the bird nest.

My worse experience was after hunting with my father and his friend we shot about three pheasants which I had to clean and we ate it for Christmas eve dinner at his friends house. They had high ceilings and an enormous tree with the old fashion light bulbs throughout the tree. We had a great evening, and went home to wait for brother still believed......then the next morning we got the call. The Christmas tree caught on fire and burned the house down. Everybody got out, but all the kids Christmas gifts went up in smoke. Everybody was thankful, but for the first time I realized how random life could be and things just never seemed the same with that illusion of safe and secure in your home.



I don't mind your bathroom story.  I had nothing to add but felt I would give you support thus the "fa la la la la la la la la."

Worst Christmas tree story:  Never had a real tree in my entire life.  We had a cool aluminum one when I was small kid then we progressed to an artificial green tree.  Married and brought the artificial green tree with me and parents got a new one.  That on lasted for a long time and then we bought another artificial.  Finally when the kids were in their teens they said, "Mom, we need a real tree."  Son worked at a nursery and so we went to buy one from him.  

Decorated and then I got sick.  Like could not breathe through my nose, eyes watering, no relief from anything.  Went to the doc and took meds - no relief.  This went on for three months with absolutely no air getting through my nostrils.

Dilemma?  I am allergic to every evergreen on earth.  

No real trees for me.  Fa la la la la la la la la...


Dilemma? I am allergic to every evergreen on earth.
My wife shares the same allergy and she has had a time of it this year with sinus infections from the same. We used to have a pine tree out the bedroom window and when she opened the window.....immediately the snivels.



Have you noticed that Christmas trees when dried out start to smell ,"hot". I can't even quantify that in any way, but it's true. My Christmas tree smells ,"hot". I can't wait to put it on the curb.

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