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Chinese Now Trying to Compete with Boeing, Air Bus

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The Chinese state-owned Comac unveiled its new C919 twinjet airliner recently. It is a new Chinese bid to compete head to head with Boeing and Air Bus on the world airliner market.

The Chinese may be able to compete when making western-designed gadgets and iphones, but aircraft designers, they are not. First off, the C919 would not fly without using western engines. All modern aircraft that are Chinese-designed are powered by foreign engines--Western on the civilian side and Russian on the military side. The C919 will be powered by western engines.

Aviation photographers were quick to note that the C919 has areas where there is no flush riveting, and where strengthening doublers were riveted-in because the Chinese engineers either could not solve something or had their doubts about what they designed. In the West, our engineers solve issues before they are manufactured. Extra riveting and the use of metal doublers add unnecessary weight to an aircraft, penalizing either payload or fuel-consumption. So, right now, Boeing and Air Bus are kind of scoffing at the Chinese interloper.

Hospital Bob

Hospital Bob

I'm not setting foot in any airliner made in the same factories they make that shit sold in Dollar Tree. 
Not to say I don't buy that crap sold in the Dollar Tree.  I buy dozens of pairs of those dollar a pair reading glasses.  Dozens because they fall apart after a week.
But when reading glasses fall apart it doesn't make me a fatality.

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