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Fee for Gulf Islands National Seashore - Johnson Beach, Perdido Key, FL

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So I was on the Key for a few days. As I was leaving yesterday I decided to drive the Johnson Beach road. I'd walked as far as the gate the previous day but wanted to see the view all the way to the end of the park.

It's been about six years since I ventured this area.

I stop at the gate. "Good morning I'd like to pay for a day pass or something shorter if you have it. Just driving to the end of the road and back."

The guy looked at me timidly and said, "It's $15 ma'am."

I drove back home and did not venture to the end of the road. Even though I had time to get out and walk the road I was still not happy that for less than 30 minutes I would have to pay $7 if walking into the park.

Great way to keep everything protected and out of reach for the general public. The environmentalists must be giddy with delight.


where is the best Dog beach?

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