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How will the restore money be spent.....100 million Escambia.....45 million for Santa Rosa

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I think that half the funds should be used for acquisition of public lands on the public waterways. These monies are to restore the loss tourism and damage to our waterways. We need to be careful these funds do not go to cover budget shortfalls. Most of these funds should be invested in capital projects which can expand the public's use of the very waters which were spoiled by BP.

In Santa Rosa, I want to see more public boat launches along the Blackwater from Milton south, I want to see more boat launches on both sides of Garcon Point. I would really love to see better tie ins with canoeing the blackwater and beach vacations. Too much of key waterfront has been bought up by private interests, and this is a historic opportunity to purchase land on canals, rivers, and bayous which gives the public access to the very important natural assets these funds are compensating.

I have no say in Escambia, but I would love to see some of those funds purchasing additional privately held waterfront properties, and an expansion of the port with a new Eastern access for rail and truck. If have the funds went to buying private waterfront properties and giving the public new boat launches.

I do not want to see these funds misappropriated for so called economic development schemes where people bill the counties for consulting and pie in the sky schemes. These funds should be used to compensate the areas public who all have suffered as their precious natural resources were we will see if leadership has integrity.


I read where Escambia is going to redo the boat launch ramps at Navy Point and Galvez landing at Innerarity Point. I think the Navy Point boat ramp is shoaled and there's some dredging scheduled. I see signs on Innerarity Road that say that the construction is already underway, but one of the two ramps is still open. There is development of a public boat ramp on Bayou Chico in the area of the old Mahogany Mill as well.

They're also doing something at Hurst Hammac on the Perdido River. I'm not sure about the details, but I think it involves buying property on the river and making a public boat ramp there.


They are digging out the Navy Point Boat ramp as we speak. Backhoe on a barge. Dumping the sand/dirt further down on the road. I could have taken pictures but I don't get much comments on local stuff. Other than Yomama. Wink


That is the leadership which is needed. Some communities are floating conservation bonds via referendum, and the public is giving a big thumbs up to buying waterfront property from private individuals, or in some communities they are buying from farmers the development rights which means rather than the farmer selling land for 20k and acre when it is only worth 10k as farmland....the government pays 10k an acre and records a covenant and restrictions which never allow development. This stops urban sprawl, conserves farmland, and gets the rapid expansion of governmental services under control.

There could be 30 new boat launches in the two county area an purchases of key acres on rivers, bayous, and canals which could preserve the natural beauty and access to the public. Land will never get this cheap again in the next 50 years. There are some old fish camps on ward basin south of Milton which should be public, North of Navarre on 87 there is plenty of waterfront for sale which needs public access, again on both sides of Garcon there is a need for access off the Bayous and there is some strategic dredging required. The intercoastal needs more boat ramps, and the West 9 at Tiger Point is sitting fallow after Ivan and would make a great public park with water access.

This is the tip of the iceberg. When you make it easy for people to get to the water and enjoy the get visitors from 70 miles around for short weekends. We need more campgrounds and natural areas to draw people to the area. The investment will bring back 10 fold tax dollars from visitors.


Honest question. Why do we need to attract more people to the area? It only destroys what we have. Quality of life is what we need. I need to to live in a place that is half ass crime free with with a few jobs. Thats it...My area has turned to crap and more people coming to the area will not do a damn thing to help it................I am bitter. I dont want my son to wait tables or my daughter to clean condos....... Let us take care of what of what we have.


We keep over looking the obvious and hope it will go away. Large areas of Pensacola are not good places to live. Just a damn fact. Parts of rue Max, Frisco road, 48 Ave, Hollywood, Bel Air, Tennessee ave, Cerny road and the list goes on and on. But we think we can solve this issues with concerts and tourists. We can not. But we as a community chooses not to. Time to Party, Swat team is on the way. Poor mans recreation , watching the cops rouse the neighbors.
Escambia County Sheriff's deputies and members of SWAT responded to a disturbance call Wednesday evening.

8:46 AM
Police say they are looking for a man and a woman suspected of carjacking a cab driver early Sunday morning.

Sep 19, 2012
Five safes were recovered from Bayou Chico after officers received information from the Sept. 4 arrest of Darrell Jones


Your frustration is shared across America. We have seen 50k factories disappear. The question I raised with this thread is a cautionary warning that 100s of million are going to come into the community from bp. Urban decay is difficult to reverse. I have seen it done. It starts with brutally tough code enforcement, honest brokers of economic development, and luck. Now, we can make our own luck by increasing the visitors. I have a business which thrives on visitors. I hire septic people, road people, plumbers, electricians, and purchase supplies from the community which has a multiplier impact. Those visitors do make a difference.

Now manufacturing policy is a regional and national debate which must involve trade policy, the tax code, and comparative advantage based on supply, labor, and productivity. You want to solve a math problem when you are sitting in biology classroom...yes some math can be used in biology, but quite simply you are in the wrong room. The money is to restore what has been lost by a negligent spill. We need to open the public waters and enhance the public and visitor's access to this waters.

BP did not pollute the West Side of Pensacola, and the money will not eliminate the toxic conditions, but if employment grows, and the economy grows....poverty and despair can be lowered.

If you think the money could be used for other community based projects, I have no problem as long as they are capital projects and not covering expenses. Give some suggestions. Call your county commissioner.....this is once in a lifetime money. I just want to see SR County spend it on buying more natural areas and particularly boat access and campgrounds.


I guess I just dont understand. I just rode by bicycle around the neighbourhood. I have a friend that I used to work with when I worked at the Pensacola Country Club. He is a Black guy and was a very good Chef. He lives at the end of the street. I usually wave at him or sometimes I stop and talk. He has had a stroke or something, I have never asked. He is in a wheelchair and sits on his front porch a lot. Once or twice a day he tries to walk. He uses his wheelchair as a crutch. It is very hard for him to do. Over the last year he has gotten better, he might can do 2 or 3 blocks.
I stopped to talk with him today. Someone has had their house robbed and has posted notices for help on different signs on our street. That brought up the subject that they are scared for him to walk too far from the house lest some punks or A Holes push him down. WTF. Damn sure a sad state of affairs....................

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I understand and thanks for your reply. There is no one to blame but people like me . I could have done more. I did not. But what is done is done. I have no regrets.. .We have shit in our own nest.......I was not alone, I had a lot of company...........


They should use the money to build more dollar stores, waffle houses and mexican restaurants.
There are still a few corners that don't even have two of these three on them.
And two more parking spaces at the maritime park. That should do it.


But we need Family dollar, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, stores so we can buy our Sun Screen to go to Deloony Fest. The more the rich ass holes make at the beach the better we all are.


Your country club gig probably exposed you to some real Aholes, but as bad as they may have been, they damaged your soul and heart if you judge a person because they have a few dollars and enjoy music. Visitors alone are not the answer, but they are certainly not earning your disdain simply because they can afford to travel and visit Pensacola. For people who run a business, for people who work at those businesses, they find it a blessing that people choose Pensacola......a blessing. It is not easy running a business catering to the public when nobody has money.......bringing money downtown is not a bad thing......and sometimes people are very thankful for what you hold in such low regard.


No way. The people I met at the Country Club were great people. They let my son play the course for free and took him under their wing. Most of the people I met were great people. I am not going to mention names but rest assured many were very high rollers. I really dont know were people get the idea that I "dislike" or "hate" rich people. Many of them still know me on a first name basis. Who in the hell ever said that running a Hot dog stand or a Beer Joint was a great thing? If people want to piss away their money that is their option. Just don't blow smoke and tell me that they are getting drunk and partying just to help me out. LOL


If you own a business downtown, you want sales. If a community can get Mumford and sons next year, they will have an additional 1.5 million, and yes the folks who own business interests are doing it for profit, and that profit generates taxes, and yes......those folks you so easily dismiss contribute to your well being with.......redistribution of those taxes as a pothole in front of your home is fixed, and a drink throwing kid is educated, arrested, and hopefully guided in another direction, but it starts with a vision, a plan, execution of that plan, and community support. People in Pensacola and surrounding areas have voted with their feet......a concert series will not pay all the bills of a public park, but it will bring incredible profit for the community and the business interests.

Mumford and Son concert crowds were polite,educated, and a joy to share time. The fans celebrated life, and I would agree if people who visit a concert were rude, and bad guests. Hopefully, they will get a good fit.


As letter writer Traci Hart of Pensacola said recently, “The event needs strong local support to become a financial success and perpetuate a game-changing event for our community.

To purchase a DeLuna Fest ticket is to vote yes for Pensacola.”

So I guess if I dont buy a ticket I hate Pensacola. LOL

This concert crap is one reason Escambia Co leads the State in Poverty and unemployment
Heck I think I will go..first class of course.
VIP Weekend (3-Day) Pass
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This is an All Ages show. Children under 10 are free.

VIP Beach Club is the premiere music experience for DeLuna Fest. Membership has its perks, and so do we. VIP Beach Club member benefits include:

-Front of Stage VIP Viewing Area at Main Stage
-Front of Stage VIP Viewing Area at Second Stage
-Exclusive Access to the DeLuna Fest VIP Beach Club
-Access to Premium Food and Cocktail choices not available on regular festival grounds
-Daily Free Liquor Samplings from Festival Partners
-Private, Air Conditioned BathroomsWoot Woot
-Free Spa Treatments from Pensacola Schooomsl of Massage
-More features to be added soon [Read more]
Fri, Sep 21 (to Sep 23)
Doors at 2:00PM CDT Casino Beach Pensacola Beach, FL All Ages $849.95


I think the numbers are obscene. A weekend music festival ticket should be in the 40-60 buck range. The reason that the camping and downtown after parties is spreading is it allows folks to have an affordable weekend. Eight hundred dollars and ac in the bathrooms is not a formula which helps the community.....but it pads the pockets of the promoters.


That was a cheap shot, That price was for the VIP thing Single day tickets are 75 .............200 for the Event. I would think that would be in line with most venues ie Racing, Golf , Tennis, My point is that we have been doing this a long time and the trickle down effect has not worked..

You Just have to love the PNJ and Pensacola hype...

PNJ quote
But it’s more than a festival. It’s a positive event that helps market the area. We’ve been told people from all 50 states and several countries have purchased tickets. Those are tourists who will get a three-day introduction to what’s available at the beach, whether it’s dining, night life or hotel accommodations, and elsewhere.

Did it say tickets were sold in all 50 states? As it inferred? No It said people FROM all 50 states had bought tickets. I would wager that 40 states would be represented on any good day at Wal-Mart. LOL

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