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Trading Places

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1Trading Places Empty Trading Places 7/26/2015, 7:31 pm



2Trading Places Empty Re: Trading Places 7/26/2015, 9:07 pm


Wow, I thought they had this regulation in place for twenty five years, not five years.....that was a shock.

3Trading Places Empty Re: Trading Places 7/26/2015, 9:11 pm



I think congressmen still can... but I know they could. Can you imagine that advantage?

4Trading Places Empty Re: Trading Places 7/26/2015, 11:06 pm


Before Denny Haesert got whacked on the payoffs, he was involved in buying a farm which was exactly in the path of the Prairie Parkway where he will make a huge profit.......a lot of good Republicans were disgusted way before the scandal.  Inside information on the route.

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