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GOP committing polical suicide joining with Saudi and Israel against Iran Deal...

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From first reactions, it appears that Hill Republicans will be near unanimous in voting a resolution of rejection of the Iran nuclear deal.

They will then vote to override President Obama’s veto of their resolution. And if the GOP fails there, Gov. Scott Walker says his first act as president would be to kill the deal.

But before the party commits to abrogating the Iran deal in 2017, the GOP should consider whether it would be committing suicide in 2016.


"...And how is Israel, with hundreds of atom bombs, mortally imperiled by a deal that leaves Iran with not a single ounce of bomb-grade uranium?..."

Pat Buchanan knocked it out of the park with that piece. It is time for President Obama to force Israel to declare its illegal atomic arsenal.

Let world opinion then judge whether Israel deserves the same sanctions that were laid on Iran. The world is fed up with the warmongering Zionists and is ready to sanction Israel over Gaza and West Bank settlements as it is. One wonders how it will respond when the truth comes out about how Israel became a nuclear power. "Oh, we did exactly the same thing that Iran is only accused of doing, and we did it under your collective noses!"

Republicans are Bibi-Buttlickers!


Buchanan. Yeah he was so in touch with reality and America that he got elected as POTUS, correct ? Not.


Buchanan is a known for his antisemitism, yet his arguments in light of Saudi Arabia and Israel trying to lure America back into the Middle East to spill our wealth and blood is dead cinch correct, and Israel is having folks who would formerly rebut Buchanan say....hold it.....they want our young people to die for their regimes..........I do not think so.....let us look at other alternatives for peace in the Middle East......The Saudis connection to 911 is fact, and since 911 we have caused havoc in the Middle East to those nation states which threatened Israel.  Israel has so badly handled the Iranian peace initiative that they have irreparably damaged America's good will toward the State of Israel.  It will take years to not look with suspicion on their policy motivations.  When the Prime Minister came to our Congress to demand compliance.....even those like myself who traditionally condemned Buchanan's antisemitism will agree with him when he is correct.


Demssuck wrote:Buchanan. Yeah he was so in touch with reality and America that he got elected as POTUS, correct ? Not.

PaceDog/KarlRove was a Bibi fanboy..... You would know this, right?


2seaoat wrote:Israel has so badly handled the Iranian peace initiative that they have irreparably damaged America's good will toward the State of Israel.  It will take years to not look with suspicion on their policy motivations.

Buchanan isn't so much an "anti-Semite." He is just "pro-American." He is willing to put American interests in front of those of the pro-Zionists. A rarity in Republicans these days.

You are correct in that the narcissistic, petulant, and hot-headed Bibi Netanyahu has greatly damaged U.S.-Israeli relations with his constant whining about Iranian ambitions. The Israelis did themselves a great disservice by re-electing that nut last Spring. President Obama has shown cool leadership in handling the bombastic Bibi, who has been given a timeout in the corner by this deal.



The fallout from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s scorched earth re-election campaign continues. Now the White House is letting it be known that it may withdraw the longstanding US policy of mindlessly vetoing sanctions against Israel at the UN. Given that Israel is openly breaking international law with its settlement policy as well as its periodic slaughtering of civilians under the banner of “anti-terrorism” operations it is quite possible that the US withdrawing its protection could lead to sanctions.

According to Politico, officials within the Obama White House are furious over Netanyahu’s declaration that if he was re-elected the two state solution was dead and said they were open to changing the US’ policy of always covering for Israel at the UN. Changes in policy could include a move to stop opposing Palestine’s efforts to enter International Criminal Court, allow sanctions for settlements to proceed, and support international demands for Israel to withdraw from the Palestinian territories.

Given the US Congress’ cartoonish support for Prime Minister Netanyahu it appears unlikely that there will be any cut off of us aid to Israel, but by simply letting the international system work President Obama can put a lot of pressure on the Israeli government.

“The positions taken by the prime minister in the last days of the campaign have raised very significant substantive questions that go far beyond just optics,” said a senior administration official, adding that recent Israeli government actions were in keeping with Netanyahu’s rhetoric.

While saying it was “premature” to discuss Washington’s policy response, the official wouldn’t rule out a modified American posture at the United Nations, where the U.S. has long fended off resolutions criticizing Israeli settlement activity and demanding its withdrawal from Palestinian territories.

It is telling that all the Obama Administration would have to do to put such great pressure on Israel is to stop mindlessly defending it in international forums. Israel’s illegal behavior has alienated the state from a great number of countries in the world which is why any empowerment of international institutions is viewed as bad news by the Israeli government. But that is also why it is so clearly needed.

The Israeli electorate endorsed an apartheid system in the election this week, now comes the response. Elections have consequences.


(See the results of the 2015 Israeli election at site)

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