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Obama acknowledges christmas day bomber as being linked to al Qaeda...

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I think Obama had no choice but to admit this guy had ties to Al Qaida because the guy's own family said he definitely did. What I think is that as the terrorists over there begin to see that we are not leaving Iraq, or Afghanistan, much less Saudi Arabia (which was Osama bin Laden's number one gripe) the terrorist attacks will worsen over here on our own soil.

I suspect they slowed down a little at the beginning of the Obama administration just to see what he was gonna do, but now that they know that he's keeping some of the same policies as the previous administrations, they're going to begin to pile on us again.

And I do think this is about US foreign policy and not just about them hating us for our "freedom." Obama isn't going to leave Iraq or Afghanistan soon, that's for sure, and he isn't going to go out and proclaim that we no longer support the nation of Israel. Unless he does (and I'm not saying he should) we'll have Muslim terrorists for years to come.


oh its definitely about our foreign policies.

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