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Climate change agenda is wealth redistribution plan

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Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe criticized President Barack Obama’s doubling down on fighting global warming Tuesday night, arguing that the president’s planned climate regulations were simply “a wealth redistribution scheme.”

“Why the pain for no gain?” Inhofe asked in a rebuttal to Obama’s State of the Union speech. ”As The Wall Street Journal put it when reporting on just one of the president’s many climate regulations, this is a wealth redistribution scheme being imposed by the president through the EPA.”

“This is the real climate agenda the president chose not to address tonight. It is no wonder because it would impose the largest tax increase in the history of America,” Inhofe added



My two biggest beefs with the climate change movement is that it craves political power over just about anything else, and wants to regulate every aspect of people's lives.

USEPA has already outlawed most wood-burning stoves. My predictions on some of the next things to be regulated away:

-Banning outdoor barbecues/cooking (at least banning smokers and charcoal brazziers).

-The National Park Service banning campfires in our national forests...The reasoning will be explained as helping Smokey the Bear prevent forest fires.

Those are just two things--there will be many, many more to go with them

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