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Teacher 'has sex with girl more than 45 times HANG HIM or treat him like a female teacher

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According to a probable-cause affidavit released Monday, the teen girl allegedly involved told authorities she had sex with Robinson 45 to 50 times since October, an average of more than three times per week.
The last time the pair allegedly had sexual relations was Wednesday of last week.

The girl told police each sexual encounter took place inside the home where Robinson lives with his parents.
Authorities say they found numerous text messages on the phone of the 16-year-old girl, though legal documents don’t specify who discovered the messages.
“OMG last night was so fun,” the girl reportedly texted Robinson Friday morning, within hours of his arrest at school.


One of my golf buddies taught at a high school. He was about 27 when a junior in high school got infatuated with him. Her senior year, he quit second semester teaching school and began working in Insurance. Today they are great grand parents and are still happily married. They definitely were having sex when he was a teacher. He is a good man. She is a good woman. Sometimes we need common sense in this police state we have created. Certainly I am not an advocate for breaching the fiduciary duty of a teacher and student, but conversely this idea that all these teachers are horrible perverts is simply not true. In their relationship it happened when she was 18, but he was still a teacher. He had enough sense to quit and find another job. However, I have heard the whispers about him being a pervert among so called friends. Nothing could be further from the truth....they simply fell in love, and sometimes love does not have a train schedule.

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