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JRW team Coached by rogue man who stacked LL team and broke rules

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This was the team with the girl pitcher who eventually got shelled in the LLWS.  Looks like an Escambia High School version of a recruited team for Little League which has strict rules for team participants.  It's sad that adults have to cheat to win and break the rules. If the coach stacked a team, and by all means they stacked a team, then why not see who is the best against other stacked teams?  My eldest played for arguably the best team in the area for travel ball when he was playing travel ball. The difference is that NEP, at the time, had a travel team league of stacked teams. We won every game against every area team as far away in the east direction of Jacksonville, as far west as New Orleans, and as far north as Atlanta. We even played up in a 12 year old tournament as a 10 year old team and won that as well.  We lost our only regular season tournament game the last tournament before the USSSA event in Houston in 2001. It was to a combined Mobile and Louisiana team that we had beaten as individual teams. They got us 3-2 and we had runners in scoring position before our best hitter cranked one to the fence and was caught by the CF leaning over and making an awesome catch.

Anyhow, if you are a coach worth your salt, you play the best and see how it goes.  You don't cheat the rules and teach the kids that it's OK to not follow directions as long as you don't get caught. I think that this ends up in a lawsuit and the JRW team loses its title.


I believe the girl pitcher played for Philly and they did not win. Little League International, however, has said it doesn't find merit in Janes' complaint.



LL might find merit in a lawsuit. The JWR team if from Chicago..... Corruption gets taught early on there I see.

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