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Thanks Mr. Obama for finally realizing our struggles in Afghanistan were stupid!

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Now that Barack Hussein Obama has recognized that our tactics in combating international Islamic terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan with expensive and poorly led military forces was a lesson in bad neocon thinking, the Military Industrial Complex is going to exert all its influence to bring us back to their favorite status: Amerika Incorporated, as policeman to the world -- no doubt the far, furry right will now push for us to invade Patagonia, Iran, and Nigeria.

And all the whores in congress will bleed tears about the sorry state of America backing away from its "moral" and "Christian" principles by not killing droves of black, brown or yellow people -- for God and country.

Yes Mr. Obama, you finally got it right. We can't win wars against Islamic terrorists by invading and occupying their countries. Why has it taken you so long to recognize our tactics and strategies were so dumb?

We can't win if we behave like drunken crusaders.

And we also can't win if we pretend friendship with Arab leaders who also fund and protect our enemies.

To kill a snake, cut off its head.

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