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How many more massive scandals are there in this corrupt administration? VA memo spelled out 17 methods being used by VA hospitals to cover up long wait times.

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Aside from railing against the problems at the Veteran's Administration since 2007, President Barack Hussein Obama goes out of his way to remain ignorant and insulated from problems.

On Tuesday, the Washington Post revealed a memorandum dated April 26, 2010, sent from the Deputy Undersecretary for Health for Operations and Management (10N) to Network Director (10N1-23). That memo spelled out 17 methods being used by VA hospitals to cover up long wait times. Those tactics included:
•Telling veterans to call back after 30 days so that they would not appear in the records as having waited longer than 30 days;
•Use of a manual logging system;
•Creation and cancellation of new patient visits, marking those cancellations as “cancelled by patient” rather than “cancelled by clinic.

The list goes on and on.

This memo shows that the VA knew of records manipulation in 2010

By Josh Hicks Updated: May 20 at 5:24 pm

Robert Petzel resigned last week as the top health official for the Department of Veterans Affairs, just one day after testifying before a Senate committee that he knew VA health clinics were using inappropriate scheduling practices as early as 2010.

Whistleblowers claim the schemes continued until this year, leading to a recent wave of outrage that sent the VA and White House scrambling to correct the alleged problems and restore confidence in the department.

VA Secretary Eric Shinseki, left, and former VA Undersecretary for Health Robert Petzel, right, testified about the scandal last week. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images).

Petzel admitted that he knew of the issue after Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.) questioned him about the 2010 memo below, in which a top VA executive warned all VA health networks that questionable scheduling practices would “not be tolerated.”

The message summarized at least 17 tactics that VA hospitals were known to have used to hide treatment delays and give the impression they were meeting the department’s goal of seeing patients within 14 to 30 days.


2010 was under the President's watch. All the pretend scandals and making chit up......this is the real deal. The president campaigned that he wanted to improve the care of veterans, and the proof is in the pudding. Under his administration the abuses were not cleaned up, and people need to be held accountable. You want a hearing that means something......hold it on this is real, and there are solutions which will help vets, and help America......because vets returning to the work force as productive Americans is good for everybody. Where is a real hearing?

As much as I like Bernie Sanders, where was the senate oversight. Were they not getting information from whistle blowers. I am not a real fan of Jeff Miller, but where was his committee oversight. The administration should have their feet held to the coals and these committees need a little heat, because this is a huge fail. The buck stops on the president's desk, and maybe we can have a hearing which is not about politics, but about fixing something which is broken and bringing quality care to our veterans. On this weekend talk is cheap.......hold a hearing and hold people accountable.

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