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Hmmmmm well now....for all the haters of A Rod it comes to this...

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Well, under our Constitution, it is illegal to be prosecuted in a court of law with illegally seized evidence. That means if the cops use illegal evidence to prosecute you in court, the evidence has to be thrown out.
It seems as if A Rod was such a target by the MLB over steroids that Bud Selig and his minions were going to ban this guy even if they could not legally prove it by stealing (buying stolen documents) the documents that would show the "smoking gun."
I think MLB needs to lose its anti-trust protection and tax exemptions with this behavior. Selig and his minions were all good and fine with HR, RBIs and steroids as long as it was bringing in money until Congress/fans starting questioning the results.
I hope A Rod, despite his issues, can get reinstated on this information. They only went after him due to his proximity to a run on Bonds/Aaron's HR totals. They know Bonds was guilty but could never bring him to what they wanted "justice-wise." His lawyers were too good. Which brings me to Aaron's generation. They were far from angelic in their own actions. Tom House outlines the use of amphetamines during their era (the same era that allowed Aaron to break Ruth's record). Believe it or not, amphetamines are performance enhancing drugs. They gave that generation the stamina to do and create the records that they did and it was never questioned. Why?

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