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look at the world. what is going on all over? you know. lack of strong first world leadership?

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there are serious situations all over the place. the tyrants are free to roam. from iran, north korea, Venezuela, Egypt, lybia, Greece, uk, spain, Thailand, Syria, and Ukraine. there are more, gosh, this is all I can think of now.

and what does our dear leader do on this latest one?

On Wednesday, the White House announced that it would be taking a muscular new role in Ukraine: by deferring to the Russians. Again

defers to the Russians. well, I think we might wonder at this point if our dear leader in cohorts to make Russia the worlds leader.

The chaos all over the world bothers me, ive seen wars somewhere all my life, but there seems to be a intense amount of upheaval all over.

something is out of place.  Neutral 

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