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In Amerika Inc., the Gestapo has replaced the Rule of Law

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Check this out:

There are stories the NSA has been furnishing medidata and other materials to the DEA. What's next? Furnishing your bank info on your donations, email petitions, etc.?

Welcome to East Berlin ...

Right now this is one progressive liberal who loves Rand Paul.

Screw Amerika Inc!!



It pleases me that at least one progressive (although I doubt you fully know that history) liberal has seen enough. It amazes me that clapper is still in office... or that these programs remain in place. It certainly proves that this is no longer a free country.

As for rand... he doesn't have a proven or tested record yet. I hope we've learned a lesson by electing obama... twice. The last thing we need is another potus that tells us what we want to hear... but continues along the same path to destruction.

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