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Which one was the greatest finish?

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Sent to me by some girl used to b around here and went to school
There Smile. Guess who?


Riceme sent you the video clip, but the greatest football ending I have ever seen was the Auburn/Alabama game.   First, it was a historical moment because if Alabama wins they make history in the modern era, and second, Alabama made the plea to put more time on the clock in review.   That one second on the clock and the utter intensity of the missed field goal and subsequent touchdown is like no game I have ever watched in college football.


You did not answer Surf.....what have you done with Riceme?



A girl who used to live here sent me these taken yesterday at the North Shore..they already lost two surfers....not a trace of them was found...

Which one was the greatest finish? 97155410

Which one was the greatest finish? 14662510

Which one was the greatest finish? 14763410

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