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Employees are losing more power every day when dealing with unfair employers

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With the right to work states and anti union rulings, the American worker has less protections than any time in my life. I have told the story about one of my poker friends who is 64 and worked for one of the major frozen pizza makers in the midwest. He was the sales manager for the last 15 years and got this brand into all the major grocery stores.

His employer has brought his sons into the business and had to make room for them in management. They created a distribution company for the pizzas, cut my friend's pay, and moved all sales over to the distribution company. No recourse as he is an at will worker, which means after building a company to where it is a major player in the frozen pizza market, he can be disposed of with no recourse. ADEA age discrimination is happening all over America, but these clever employer methods of disposing of senior workers are obscene, and with a Supreme Court and Republican Party which discounts worker rights in favor of their donor base, injustice abounds. It is sad to see a proud man who gave his all to a company being gutted because in America the American worker is just raw meat.

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You act as if this is something OWNER brings his SONS into the FAMILY business and your "friend" is cut. Nothing new there sport. Fair? - no, common? - yes. Your friend was an employee, nothing more, nothing less. All he was owed was a check on payday. It's called reality and that's the hard truth of the business world. And I thought you understood business.

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I am very familiar with the workings of the business world, but that world is framed by federal law which does not allow discrimination against older workers. Older workers build companies and get compensated usually very well, and management realizes that the best way to increase profitability is to discard older worker salaries and wages. They cannot do that, but because there are work around solutions by the corporate lawyers which allow exceptions for restructuring a business. So now just like the great pension robberies of the eighties, they create shell companies, and move employees out.

In this example the pizza manufacturer wanting to get rid of some older workers created this distribution company where the owners retained fifty percent ownership and they transferred older employees into this new distribution company. A work around the law, and it is going on all over the nation as babyboomers and their high salaries are being discriminated against because of their age and salaries.......the problem......the current law is not keeping up with the corporate lawyer's work arounds, and older workers are completely vulnerable when they are healthy and productive.....the very reason the law was implemented. I have had employees my entire career and I certainly want as an employer to make employment decisions which help my business, but I cannot discriminate against people because of their race, religion, ethnicity, or age.

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