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Harley sales are in the toilet, as yuppie baby boomers grow old

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Gotta tell you, I know too many people who have nearly died or who did die on those things to worry about the market growing old and thinning out. Someone in New Orleans stole my son's motorcycle and I was not unhappy one bit when they did it. I never wanted him riding it anyway. Now he's totally into cars and that makes me a happy parent.

Plus, it's always seemed kind of sad when I see those old guys with the long hair and their Vietnam jackets riding around trying to prove they are still the same studs they were when they were kids. I know some of them are doctors and lawyers and respectable members of society, but evidently that's not enough to keep their egos going. It's just sad.

I hope the young people in this country don't embrace motorcycles like their parents did. A lot of them will have much longer lives.

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An old girlfriend of mine is a biker. She's still building Harleys, but she's no kid anymore, either. A few years back she took time off from work and went nomad for a while, to see if she could still do it like she used to. She could, but she was disappointed with the bikers she was hanging out with. She said even the Hells Angels spend most of their time now staring at their phones, checking Facebook, posting selfies.

I think we're heading into an era where people do most of their living online. Bound to hurt sales of everything... except Ipads and such.

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