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Grumpy old man goes to renew his driver's license

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I feel like I have become Larry David. My wife suggested that I go to a small town which had a friendly secretary of state office to renew my driver's license. I normally go to a town about ten miles away and always have polite and efficient service.

We get there and they ask us to take a number. Ok. About five people get called before us as we wait about ten minutes and our number is next. An employee then declares when I think they are going to call my number that anybody here to renew a registration can not use the number and come on up and get in line. Five minutes later they call my number. I am a little peeved, but figure it is just my bad luck.

I pay the thirty bucks and fill out a form and sign. She asks me to take the vision test which I begin reading off the letters when in the middle of the eye test she starts talking to a person sitting down about is she ready to turn in her written driver's test. After about only a minute she gets back to me and asks me to take the vision test again. Now I am picking up an attitude, but I remain polite and silent.

She next asks me to sign an electronic pad and asks me to take off my glasses for the photo. I simply say No. I have taken my DL photo for close to fifty years and I have NEVER been asked to take off my glasses. She said your glasses will glare. I said can I speak to your supervisor. She hands me the phone, and I am speaking to a regional supervisor who is telling me that Illinois has to be compliant with the real ID law which can be used at airports to speed up TSA processing. Hold it. Nobody asked my consent for a facial recognition photo which is going into a federal database. I raise a little hell, and tell the employee she has conducted herself unprofessionally and was rude, and that I am going to make a big deal about my photo going into some database without my consent. So I go home and research Illinois and its failure to have compliant IDs with the federal law and see that they were given an extension to November 1st by the feds. So I am the the guy the day after who is dealing with this cluster F.

Google, facebook, and other social media are developing sophisticated facial recognition software, and the law says I should be given a choice between a traditional id and the new real id. I was not given a choice. I was forced to take a photo without my glasses which in illinois for years it was mandated that you MUST wear your glasses on a DL photo if you have corrected lens.

Big brother is slipping into our lives and like sheep to the slaughter, we can have Russians creating fake news, raiding our databases and stealing data, and we actually had a discussion of putting a person who is a legal resident alien into gitmo as the constitutional penumbra of privacy is all but being ignored in this mainic state of fear where ideas can cause government to act more tyrannical and autocratic. It is more than a DL photo. We are in trouble. I will be raising hell in Springfield all day Friday.

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Soon the govt will begin phasing out currency so that they can track every transaction. You're complicit.

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