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Is President Trump quickly losing mental capacity

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He always attempted to over compensate for his average intelligence, but even a person with average intelligence would not be making such bumbling errors. The man is seventy years old. I personally believe that no President should be elected after 62 because early onset dementia is a reality as each of us age.

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I agree. Considering Liberman for the FBI Director is ludicrous. He's 75!

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President Trump cannot hold complex thoughts. The simplicity of his thought process reminds me of my molther in law when she began slipping. I saw my mother in law start acting goofy at night time when the doctors explained that she was sundowning.

Sundowning, or sundown syndrome is a neurological phenomenon associated with increased confusion and restlessness in patients with delirium or some form of dementia. ... Sundowning seems to occur more frequently during the middle stages of Alzheimer's disease and mixed dementia.

His late night tweets are of concern, but his current conduct seems to be spinning out of control.

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Pelosi is losing her mind.

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Joanimaroni wrote:Pelosi is losing her mind.

How can YOU tell?

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The presidency ages a person -- especially a presidency mired in scandals like this bucket of snakes -- but it looks like it just dropped Trump off a cliff. Luckily, so far he hasn't done anything too embarrassing on his overseas trip, but he has a really lost, bewildered look on his face, like he's just getting carted around from event to event and has no clue what he's supposed to be doing. Usually the guy's got this look of idiot-confidence on his face, but this presidency has shaken the hell out of him, I think.

He's always been mentally ill, but before he lived in a protective bubble that let him get away with it. Now he's in a different world, where he's called out on things instead of enabled, and it's wrecked that idiot-confidence he had. I think he's going to look more and more lost as this goes on.

It'd almost be sad, if Trump hadn't been such a jerk his entire life.

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He seems to be enjoying his visits. I do not see him acting uncomfortable. I really think he gets off on the pomposity of a foreign visit. It feeds his personality disorders. It will be interesting because if it is sundowner, his internal clock is off, and some of that behavior may exhibit during the day on this trip.

The part which is brilliant on his part is that he simply changed the channel with this planned foreign visit. The idea that he admitted he fired the FBI director to impede the Russian investigation is stunning to me as Americans can just move on to more bread and circus. FBI director Comey is not a nut job, and the idea that he could join the Trump team and forget about the investigation of the Russians is beyond anything I could have imagined when he became President.

I think that Congress cannot just sweep this conduct under the rug. I get that his base is not phased by the firing. However, some of his base are Americans first. There will be mounting political pressure. There really is only one year until congressional primary battles begin, and opponents in both parties will be running based on the response to these horrible breaches of law.

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