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the first hundred days and it appears nothing is brewing legislatively

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A great deal of bluster about making America great again, but executive orders do very little compared to comprehensive legislation on issues. Nothing. Just a great deal of nothing. A huge clear path with no resistance after years of being told that they had plans here and there............after years of being traitors to America, did anybody really expect constructive legislation which helps Americans and not special interests and the wealthy?

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Come on Seaoat give them a break, they have until the end of April and Trump doesn't do after 630pm during the week and so far two weekend's in Palm Beach. We all know the congress is getting their drunk on after hours. Then there is the tweeting at 3 in the morning. Stumping for Ivanka brands. Just give the a gd break they are just too busy to screw with legislation. At least our illustrious gaetz has introduced a bill. What a Face What a Face What a Face

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I'd cheer for both of your posts but it's all just too daggoned depressing. On the other hand, maybe we're better off with no legislation at all, considering the source.

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I have to agree with you Linda we are probably better off without any.

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And ain't it a helluva note, ppaca?

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