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local leo is patting themselves on the back on fugitive capture

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Concerned citizen called in the car from the motel. No law enforcement person did a thing except show up after the citizen called it in, surrounded the place and watched the killer wave at them through the window, and then commit suicide. Every elected SA and sheriff is getting on TV and puffing......the reality is that two people went on a spree of killing and the folks now puffing the story did NOTHING to protect citizens. These two people evaded EASILY the so called tough guy safety net searching for them, but for a concerned and informed citizen in Georgia these folks would still be killing. I understand going on TV and being modest and saying the usual that they are happy that the fugitives have been caught, but some of the puffing about how they are going to kill the fugitives if they do not turn themselves in(Johnson sheriff of Santa Rosa County) I screamed at the TV that words do not bring back the victims since the murders in the hotel where his folks dropped the ball at worse and at best just were ineffective in finding these people before they killed again. Sometimes acting tough on TV is not appropriate when the truth is just the opposite.

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All across America police budgets are being expanded, court budgets are being expanded, but just like when I was growing up and we did not have this police state and propaganda how much we are at risk and how more government employees make us safer, once again it was a citizen who solved this and he did it with the media doing their job.

I am about ready to puke with LEO patting themselves on the back, when the truth is they blew it. They have a tough job. They can be at risk on a simple traffic stop, but this idea that more is better, or that these people talking tough on TV solved anything......they did not.

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I don't know where you saw or read that a citizen noticed the car. What I heard was that a Georgia deputy first saw it, which would make more sense, since they had the APB or BOLO or whatever. I doubt many Georgia citizens were looking for that car and plate.

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It was reported at the news conference in Georgia that their department received a call about a concerned citizen who thought the vehicle parked at the motel might be the missing fugitives car. It was NOT a deputy who called this in, but it was deputies who responded and then set a parameter around the motel as the suspect waved and killed himself. The truth stands on its own merits. I am piszed that fake news and praise repeatedly gets the story wrong. Like what was first reported when the police rushed a suspect and shot the hostage a few years ago everybody was praising the police response......until the hostage told the media the truth. Lack of training and a cowboy response got her shot multiple the police who were there to protect her.

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What really piszed me office was the Georgia spokesperson for the sheriff's department taking ten minutes patting the sheriff's back and every local department on the back about classic good police work, when a reporter asked which deputy discovered the car........ah......ah.......a concerned citizen tipped us off.......and then we sent thirty cars with officers two hundred yards away who surrounded the motel, and watched the offender mock them and wave at them before killing himself......yep the truth stands on its own merits.

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RealLindaL wrote:I don't know where you saw or read that a citizen noticed the car.  What I heard was that a Georgia deputy first saw it, which would make more sense, since they had the APB or BOLO or whatever.  I doubt many Georgia citizens were looking for that car and plate.

No, it was a citizen. He noticed the car and verified the license plate and called it in to the County SO.

Thanks to the multiple press conferences, the media, social media, and Lamar advertising the word spread quickly and received national exposure. Lamar used all the electronic billboards in the tri-state area.

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I think the amber alerts are the cats meow. I am still haunted in 1983 when I walked through a shell gas station and saw a young 7 year old curled up on the floor in the back seat with an absolute terrorized look on her face. We had this monster who for two years was snatching 7-10 year old girls and raping them by grabbing them and making them stay quiet in his car as he took them to an isolated area by a river and raped and strangled them.........I will never know why that child had that could be the male driver who could have been her dad had refused to get her something......but her eyes.....her position in the back seat on the floor.........I have awakened at night thinking about that, and if we simply had better media coverage, and I was aware a child had been snatched, I probably would have intervened in something to this day just does not sit right with me. Citizens keep our community safe. Not with Macho or guns, but with eyes and fingers to dial a telephone.

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