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We are not there yet......Kerry

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26We are not there yet......Kerry - Page 2 Empty Re: We are not there yet......Kerry on 7/8/2015, 2:41 am

Markle wrote:Really a sorry old vapid argument.

When I want to read "sorry, old vapid" material, I come to read one of YOUR threads. Semi-demented poster Markle never ceases to entertain us with his propaganda!

Our "closest, and democratic ally" is one of the world's most warmongering nations. They don't throw out threats using words, they just conduct pre-emptive invasions of places like Gaza, Lebanon, the West Bank, etc. Now they aim to attack Iran. They walk over the good will of the U.S. every day, and treat us like they own us. Congress kisses their ass at every turn, because they know they will be targeted by AIPAC if they do not. I commend President Obama for keeping that hothead Netanyahu at arm's length--Bibi cannot be trusted, and Obama knows this. Hopefully, Obama and Kerry will keep the attack on Iran in the bottle (all we need is a little more war in the Middle East.... Not! ).

ZIP, ZILCH, NADA. Not surprising.

Shall we try again?

Once again, please show us where our closest, and democratic ally has sworn to wipe any other country off the map and run their people into the sea.

IF you cannot, and you cannot, please just remain quiet.

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