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USAF Put Under the Congressional Microscope....

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Everything from not being able to control sexual assaults in the service to not properly training the junior officers who control Minuteman III ICBMs.

It seems that the USAF LTC who is in charge of the USAF sexual assault prevention and response branch was himself recently arrested and charged with sexual battery for groping a woman outside a DC strip club located near the Pentagon.

To make matters worse, 17 officers at Minot AFB were removed from controlling Minuteman ICBMs because they failed their inspections.

That last one is really troubling. I had a friend who was a USAF Minuteman Launch Control Officer and he told me how tough their training was. I visited him while on leave back in '75, and he took me down into one of those launch control centers. It was quite an experience, once I got past the guard pointing a rifle directly at my face and asking to see my military ID.



No serious conversation about the size of govt can protect any single angle. The private sector feeds the monster.

Kill that... and it all falls.

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