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Another successful Florida sex sting

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30 arrested in Sarasota online sex offender sting

SARASOTA COUNTY - They ranged in age from 21 to 64. Several arrived with sex toys, including handcuffs. One brought more than 50 condoms.

All told, there were 30 of them — men who were arrested last week — including on Valentine's Day — in an undercover operation to catch online predators soliciting sex from children.

“Hi I'm a 14 year old white female looking for sumthing fun to do tonight on V – Day!” read an online post by an undercover agent. A 33-year-old man who responded asked about having sex, then showed up at the house where he thought she lived for some “fun.

30 more perverts taken down. Great!


Wow I thought we were in the local news section. When did we all move to south Florida?


We should hire the guy that brought 50 condoms to be a salesman for the CMPA.. Talk about a optimist


Yea I agree, that guy could make a fortune. he didn't think when he showed up he could make a ton of money in advertisements. I didn't know you could get a 50 pack. He could be a celeb in more than one way. WOW


On page five, The guy said he had his two "circus" animals in his car.

Two snakes!


i would have to call it another unsuccessful sting as usual. Those sick ass "Ronald Browns" out there are still lurking at a McDonalds, sitting in the last pew at a church, or wandering a park at disney, looking for their next victim. These stings have had ZERO effect in the number of child abductions and/or trafficking, etc.....i wonder why? But Mr. X, i am working on a solution and will be submitting it to the Senate Judiciary Committee...there has got to be a better way to find the real perpetrators instead of manufacturing crime, skewing arrest statistics, and arresting innocent dudes. It sure does make Florida look like every pedophile in the country somehow migrates to this state. I betcha it has to do something with that meteor that hit Russia, yea, thats gotta be it,

I wonder why WEAR removed their online account of pensacola's sting operation? What? the Escambia County Sheriff's Dept did the same thing? say it isnt so? lmao Maybe it never even happened!

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