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Evil Surrounds Us

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Yomama wrote:
surfnrg wrote:Eric et. al:

If you go to the other thread where I posted a lecture by Dr. Robert Sapolsky
and listen to it you will find that all the neurological disorders you listed are
just a little further one way or the other on the same time line from normal human behavior. In other words WE are all on the same continuum. If you could give us an injection of say "A" hormone we would act in exactly the same way as a paranoid schizophrenic. And indeed it might take less to get me there than say Seaoat because "A" hormone exists in all of us.

The fact that that "A" hormone was formed as an infant in the schizophrenic in reaction to a severe bout with rheumatic fever and was over produced or a brain barrier broke down through a one in 15,000 chance was not his 'CHOICE' no more than it was your choice that your body reacted normally when you had the same disease. So schizophrenia is not a choice no more a choice than Seaoat wound up with a normal amount of it.

What I studied and matriculated with a thesis in epistemology on Jean Piaget. The works of all those great philosophers et. al. has not changed but the understanding brought to the table by molecular biologists and neuro biologists has turned the whole thing upside down.

And while the example above which illustrates why free will does not exist the disease I illustrated the new biology of the mind would posit that same firing of neurons over exactly the same synapses is ultimately controlled by chemical reactions. And these chemical reactions can be measured and are in direct response to any given stimuli or challenge. Ergo free will is an illusion.

Watch the videos I am posting as they are the most fascinating things I have seen since university. Indeed as an existentialist I can't find an argument to overcome laboratory verifiability and duplication. The are simply,


I see where you are going with this Surf, and agree that conditions can be aggravated by chemical stimuli. I agree that I could be driven crazy by a drug... and do crazy things... things I wouldn't ordinarily do.

There is no normal... everybody is "off" a little bit, but the average Joe makes his own decisions... ergo, free will.

Desperate folks rob convenience stores because they needed the money and decided to rob the store... a conscious decision... not because they had a chemical imbalance and like Flip Wilson used to say "The devil made me do it". They had a choice and made the wrong one.

As you know the culprit is most likely an overproduction of dopamine.

27Evil Surrounds Us - Page 2 Empty Re: Evil Surrounds Us 12/18/2012, 8:33 pm


Provine suggested that the major consequence of free will is that individuals are encouraged to blame each other. “Not believing in free will changes human life wonderfully. Humans can embrace universal kindness, and human modesty.”

So in the absence of free will then was Hitler correct.....was Lester Maddox correct.....are certain people so bound by nature that environment and choices make little or no difference. Yet, it is my experience that just the opposite encourages evil in this world....that the age old debate of Nature vs Nurture can simply be rendered to a chemical limitation of man.......very very very dangerous stuff.

No, I stand proudly aware of providence, chemistry.....and yes free I slowly die from endocrine cancer my body has 500% hormone levels which have rendered my normal fight/flight response useless.....I want to fight.....when playing poker......I advance hands which are neither logical or is a very powerful recognition of what Surf alludes, but within this context I have developed strategies which recognize my hormonal levels, and I have overcome nature.....not is hard, but I have countered the obvious die which has been cast and in tournament or game....I have achieved success, but what chemistry does one find in 52 cards.....what random order has been preordained for this day........I got busted out of the tournament of champions on sunday with a pair of duces on an all in call.....the hormones won the day.....but how was it I was dealt a pair of duces......and how is it I am still alive a year after the spread of the disease.....those questions go to providence, and I think that we must weigh each and understand that there are seldom absolutes, and the absence of free will only will allow evil to prevail and make folks like Lester and Adolph the license to justify the unjustifiable.

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Environmental factors and the things we eat have subtle and not so subtle influences in our making of decisions.

The hallucinogenic Ergot fungi on Rye bread has been suspected in why people believed that some people in Salem were witches.

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You have realized the true meaning of life. Although you knew better, you made the bets. Life is about the individual, period. You tried to prevail knowing it wasn't smart. The Human Condition, take risks to achieve results. Think about it....

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