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For those who think all this violence insanity is something peculiar to America. But only for those who have Netflix.

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Hospital Bob

Hospital Bob

I thought it was too. And then the night after the school shooting I found out different.
And although I wouldn't have been all that surprised that some parts of the "First World" have undergone the transition into a Mad Max sort of decline same as our country has, I would never have believed it was that place we all want to think is so civilized, Australia.

It was an Australian made motion picture which set me straight on this. It never got wide release in the U.S. so you will likely have never heard of it. And I had to sign up with Netflix just to see it.
It's called "The Snowtown Murders". It's a true account of something which took place in Australia. And it is hands down by far and away THE worst example of the decline of modern civilization I have ever encountered.
Don't bother to go googling it because although you will find plenty to read about what happened, nothing you will read will ever compare to seeing it relived in movie images and movie dialogue.
It is the most horrible thing I have ever heard of. And what makes it so surreal in light of the gun controversy is that guns were only a very minor part of it. The worst of it happened without any guns being involved.

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