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Congratulations To Mississippi On Their New State Flag.

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Congratulations To Mississippi On Their New State Flag. Old_mi11

No, just kidding . Here's the REAL state flag.

Congratulations To Mississippi On Their New State Flag. New_mu10

I think it's rather sweet. Just like SOME of the people from Mississippi are rather sweet.

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Yep, overall I like the new flag. I don't like the "In God We Trust" part of it, and nor do a few of my neighbors, but we're used to it -- Southern Baptists are some hateful folks and, like I keep saying, they're just never happy unless they're "fuck-you-ing" somebody. And I'd rather they fuck-you us atheists than the black folks, who've endured more than enough of that.

Anyway, it's a flag that can finally represent all of us (with regards to races, anyway) and it's not bad-lookin', either. I'd change one little thing, there, but overall I'm happy with it, and glad we shed that Confederate crap. Long, long overdue.

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As usual, I concur 100% with zsomething, including as to the "In God We Trust" thing, which excludes entire groups of non-believers (and actually z is far more reasonable about it than I would be, but then he has to live there).

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Not that I like the God stuff on the flag but it's better than the traitor stuff on the old flag. Mississippi people run hot and cold, like all right wingers do. I was on a page in Mississippi a few years back with a huckleberry who considered me such a threat that he claimed he paid a small fortune to a private detective from up North to hunt me down and find out my name and location. I turned out being a middle aged woman from Alabama who was then regularly harassed by the Meridian, Mississippi huckleberry, who posted her picture and all sorts of her private information. Seems that Trumpy wasn't the only grifter from up North to take advantage of low brow southern rubes who are eager to separate themselves from their money. This went on for a couple of years until the forum closed down. I felt sorry for the woman but there was nothing I could do. I hope she didn't undergo too much trouble due to her tormentors harassment. Other than the fish faced huckleberry there were a number of fine people on the forum that I still keep in touch with.

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