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Ted McDermand

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1Ted McDermand Empty Ted McDermand 10/5/2020, 8:00 am


Ted Passed away --He has not been posting lately !! Went over to his Face book account and it said he passed September 20 th --I think it said if im correct --I was so use to him posting on FB , Sorry for everyones loss I truly Liked TED allot--I knew something was wrong because we talked allot --Fly high Ted --I loved the way he painted all the time and liked to draw ,   He Hated Trump LOL--Anyway Ted i will never forget you and if any of you were friends with Ted , Sorry for your Loss .---Yellow Dawg Painting and drawing in heaven now

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2Ted McDermand Empty Re: Ted McDermand 10/5/2020, 9:55 pm


Didn't know Yellow Dawg, but for the sake of those who did, thanks, cool1, for posting this sad info.

Hope it wasn't COVID. Have noted unusually long lists of death notices in the PNJ in recent months and it makes me wonder - how many are there, really, who died infected with the coronavirus without its being recorded as such?

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3Ted McDermand Empty Re: Ted McDermand 10/6/2020, 7:04 am


I dont know he was posting all the time everyday and Sally came and my internet was knocked out for days during Hurricane --and then when i did get internet back I noticed Ted was not posting --then a couple days later I went to his FB and saw the mess---I was so sad -He did not say he was sick at all right before Hurricane . Then i thought maybe he was on oxygen or something and he lost power . I told everyone I was doing FB more and a couple of people from here i think asked to be friends I still have one but Ted passed --we picked on each other all the time I was for Trump and he was not lol But we had fun picking on each other , Sad i did not really know his age but he was i think 85 , Someone on his fb said to post his obit --But they did not and now im just at a lost , His FB just ended with that mess, im going to check back and see on his FB if anyone said anything else , its like he was there and now hes just gone pale

4Ted McDermand Empty Re: Ted McDermand 10/6/2020, 4:37 pm


He was a very interesting man... it was a privilege to meet him. RIP.

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5Ted McDermand Empty Re: Ted McDermand 10/7/2020, 5:24 pm



I don't know how many people on the forum actually knew his name, and his handle was YellaDog. He and Bob were good friends, and I had the privilege of hanging out/going to lunch with them. When we met as forum members, I had already met him, because he had displayed some of his artwork at the gallery where I worked (around 2006 or 2007). I will surely miss Ted. Rest in peace, my friend.

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6Ted McDermand Empty Re: Ted McDermand 10/8/2020, 11:58 pm


So sorry to hear if Ted’s passing. I enjoyed meeting him and I enjoyed his art. Ted was a very intelligent and talented man. RIP.

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7Ted McDermand Empty Re: Ted McDermand 10/9/2020, 4:55 am


Hello friends and family. This Lisa, daughter of Ted McDermand. After a recent sudden hospitalization, my father passed away quickly and without pain. He lived his life to the fullest and will be forever remembered as a loving Father, Grandad, long time Texan, excellent artist, talented musician, and happy traveler. He will be missed dearly but we are all at peace in knowing that he is on to his next great adventure.

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8Ted McDermand Empty Re: Ted McDermand 10/9/2020, 4:58 am


*Below is his obituary in his own words, dated 2006.**
I was born in Chilliothe, Missouri in 1936. In 1956 I married Pearl Marie Fugate. Pearl and I have two children, Lisa McDermand Morgan and Greg McDermand. From 1957 until my retirement in 1994, I worked for the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company. I made a lot of friends in my 38 years in the brewing business.
Here are a few things that I have accomplished in the last 70 years.
- I learned enough about horses to be able to catch, saddle and ride a reasonably gentle one. Though the broncs were Pearls specialty.
- I have learned to draw, paint and sculpt things to my liking and sometimes to the liking of others. Art is truly my fascination and love. Much of my my work is abstract. My daughter Lisa loves to draw faces.
- I have become a poet and always try to express my thoughts expressionistically but also enjoy gibberish, being long ago inspired by Edward Lear and Lewis Carroll.
- I built two large greenhouses where I grew bromeliads for many years. The dark and sultry interior of the environment that bromeliads love has also been a fortress of solitude and peace for me.
- I owned a sailboat for 10 years, learned the ropes, and came to love the pulse of a boat under sail. Sailing alone is a primitive thrill.
- I have known the miracle of the total reciprocation of true love.
- I have learned to relax and to induce self hypnosis/meditation.
- I have a website and blog where I have posted many of my drawings and poems, if anyone is interested. It is called Bluewarp, and I am called groundhogger.
- I have learned to play harmonica a little and love to play the blues with my son Greg, who is a skilled guitarist.
- I enjoy studying the strange and thank the good Lord for my insatiable curiosity.
- I love to cook and prepare my own meals which I enjoy immensely.
- I have developed my mind and body as a long distance runner for 24 years and have completed 3 Marathons. 26.2 miles is as much mental as it is physical.
I live my life to the fullest and will try to die my death the same.
And the time,
The time is always, "Here and Now"
Live for today, and not for tomorrow, for time is all that we cannot borrow.
- Ted McDermand

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9Ted McDermand Empty Re: Ted McDermand 10/9/2020, 5:02 am


I thought you all might want to see what his daughter wrote -Made me feel a little better knowing he was so happy in life--.

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10Ted McDermand Empty Re: Ted McDermand 10/9/2020, 5:08 am



10 hours ago
Hi Wanda, This is Teds daughter, Lisa. Dad passed very quickly and did not linger in this old world. He moved on to his next great adventure on September 22. My world is much smaller now - I miss my Father, my friend, my Professor of Silliness, My Spiritual Guidon. I will forever have him in my heart, but i sure do miss my Daddy.

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11Ted McDermand Empty Re: Ted McDermand 10/9/2020, 5:09 am


He had a anurisym ---I know i spelled that wrong

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