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1Sally Empty Sally 9/16/2020, 8:07 pm



Tiger Point along the bay is flooded. Parts of the Golf Course was under water. East and West Course. Jet skis were floating on the course. Some of my grandkids and friends rode them off for the owners. Bob Sikes, 3 mile and Garçon bridges are out. Hwy 87 is only link to Gulf Breeze and Navarre.

Thankful I have power. My kids in Tiger Point and Proper are without power.

Wasn’t expecting this.

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2Sally Empty Re: Sally 9/17/2020, 8:39 am


Yikes that the three-mile bridge is out. I just looked it up and apparently a barge hit it? Damn.

Hope they get everything fixed up soon and everybody stays safe. And hope the power gets back on soon for your kids. Sometimes that's a quick fix. Then again, I know a guy in Louisiana who hasn't had power for about three weeks now. Hopefully Pensacola will fix things up a lot faster than that. Lord knows they've had practice...

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3Sally Empty Re: Sally 9/17/2020, 6:38 pm



3 mike bridge is out, Beach bridge is out, Garçon Bridge is closed. Navarre causeway is closed, and bridge to NAS is out. All the bridges were hit by barges!

Only way out of Gulf Breeze is Hwy 87 through Navarre.

Thankfully, Publix and Taco Rock are open, all my kids and 9 grandkids live here... I’m happy and content.

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