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Be Best, My Ass

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1Be Best, My Ass Empty Be Best, My Ass on 12/6/2019, 12:41 pm



Thursday, December 05, 2019

by Abby Zimet, Further columnist

Be Best, My Ass

Hypocrisy shining through. No cage for her, yet.

OK, we are now and truly done with the con man and his vile hooker squatting in the White House. To date, the Birther Queen of Hypocrisy has stayed shrewdly silent through it all: The rapes, lies, cruelty, racism, corruption, bullying, mockery, misogyny; the shredding of democratic norms and human rights that has seen the U.S. plummet to 36th place among 41 developed nations; the stripping of food from over 750,000 poor people already barely surviving on the vast stipend of $132 a month so fat cats can rake in $1,500,000,000,000 more; the cancelling of free school lunches for a half million kids because cruelty is the point and who needs school and food; the caging, and lifelong traumatizing, of over 70,000 children in horrific conditions in order to terrorize an entire population for the color of their skin, which is a war crime - and her own offering of a giant middle finger to those children by visiting them in a jacket proclaiming her indifference.

This week, still silent and shameless but her wardrobe upgraded to a stiletto-heeled, all-white ensemble with inevitable, inexplicable coat on her shoulders - maybe because she's prepped 24/7 to flee the scene of the crime and besides who doesn't dress like that around their cozy, stolen home - Melania gave a tour of this year's hopeless, sterile, tacky White House Christmas decorations. Unlike previous Shining-esque blood red trees or dead branches, the new display is gaudy and shiny - better to reflect the bottomless void of her soul? - but still creepy, perhaps because it's jingoistically tagged "The Spirit of America," like the plane of Nazi lover Charles Lindbergh. As oblivious to cognitive dissonance as to suffering children, Melania touts it as a "beautiful exhibit of patriotism" and then stiffly wanders through the icy landscape like a fading, misplaced soap opera star, occasionally stopping to straighten a bow on a replica of the house she's about to be evicted from or to sprinkle a fake branch with what viewers deemed either cocaine or "a fresh dusting of crushed marrow of poors."

Ever busy, still silent, she was then off to London where her monster of a husband got laughed off the world stage and she wore a bizarre yellow cape variously likened to a banana peel or a boiled sweet rhubarb and custard dessert that cost $8,000, which could buy a decent number of school lunches if she was so humanely inclined. It was when she returned that she finally, briefly, self-righteously opened her ugly mouth to protest the audacity of fiery, eloquent Stanford law professor Pamela Karlan, who in her impeachment testimony mildly noted that Donald Trump is not a king, adding, “While the president can name his son Barron, he can’t make him a baron.” At that, the Mistress of Complicity erupted in faux outrage - or at least a more literate aide did - preaching that "a minor child deserves privacy and should be kept out of politics." To which astounding hypocrisy a truly, not fakely, enraged world has responded with a universal WTF?!? And the fabulous hashtags: #FakeOutrage and #BeBestMyAss.

We remember it all, Melania: The attacks on Greta - a child - and people with disabilities and the poor and, of course, the children still in cages. The furious consensus on the notion children should be kept out of politics: "Better yet, children should be kept out of cages, and with their parents." The rage and horror grew with Thursday's release by Pro Publica of sickening video of the final hours of 16-year-old Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez, who died from complications of flu in a Texas detention center. The grisly footage shows that border patrol agents lied when they said they tended to Vasquez; in truth, "As immigration authorities sat by, a child lay dying from the flu on a slab of concrete in a pool of his own vomit next to a toilet." A child, not named Barron. Which is why Melania needs to shut the fuck up, and Trump needs to be impeached. "So, Now You Want Civility?" wrote John Pavlovitz last year, noting the request from MAGA fans meant they wanted "silence in the face of perversions of justice." Instead, he vowed to oppose them all "with everything we have...and we’re going to use our outside voices." "We’re going to be loud in the cause of love," he said. "Consider this an uncivil war."

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Thanks for posting another thought provoking post FT.

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