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Major travel security update requires Americans to travel with ‘Real ID’

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Americans will need Real ID to fly starting October 2020. This new security update is due to a delayed law in Congress that will finally take effect. NBC News’ Tom Costello reports.

Aug. 21, 2019



We no longer fly, but were advised of this when we renewed our drivers' licenses back in 2012, as Florida was one of several states that had already decided to start requiring Real ID driver's licenses ahead of the planned federal implementation. The documentation requirements to obtain this gold starred license were onerous, especially for me (and for all women who've been married more than once) because I had to provide evidence of my name change (marriage license, etc.) Guys get off a lot easier, but it's still no fun. Fortunately don't have to prove everything all over again at next renewal (next year).


We just got new MS drivers licenses this past summer and paid for the 8 year renewal. It took half a day and several trips to the office to complete the mission. We were grateful that we wouldn't have to repeat for 8 years (if ever). Have no immediate plans to fly but this isn't the sort of thing to put off since plans have a way of changing suddenly and I wouldn't want to add a lengthy trip to the license dept. on a long list of things to do in an emergency. It looks like another way to separate people into "haves and have nots" and to stoke fear and uncertainty among the public.


As far as I can tell, Mississippi, and many other states are already in compliance with the "new" Real ID laws. Here's a link to a Homeland Security site that lets you enter any state's name to check for Real ID standing. Perhaps the recent report about this and the October 2020 deadline to get up to date ID's was just a reminder to those not already OK?

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